Monday, November 10, 2014

Las Vegas Flyers: Old School Works

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Las Vegas Flyers: Old School Works
And we’re not talking vintage black and white with Frank Sinatra! (Even though that can be very cool too.)
Some might argue that print flyers are a dying medium as companies switch to electronic forms of marketing. As a Las Vegas printing company, Jackpot Printing gets all sorts of requests for flyers and none surprise us more than those coming from high tech companies. Why they want flyers? Because in an environment where we get everything electronically, people are starting to crave tangible objects again.
Case in point. Instead of sending a mass email campaign to promote its upcoming event, a technology company decided to go old school and sent out thousands of flyers to prospective attendees. The idea was that they get so little actual mail that they’d be just shocked enough to like it. Besides, each flyer was cleverly designed to warrant a place on an office wall.
The result was overwhelming. Registration was up 30 percent, and the high-tech geeky guys loved having a piece of paper with their name on it. The company decided to stick the plan for next year and to come up with another clever design to start creating a tradition.
Whether you’re working on a direct mail piece or a flyer that will be handed out, Las Vegas-based Jackpot Printing can help. We offer full color digital and offset printing and get your printing job done the same day, next day or whenever you need it. We’ll ship your order in bulk or do mailing for you. In Las Vegas, we can also hand-deliver your flyers to your convention or event destination. Get a free estimate online or get a custom quote.